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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private railcar?

A private railcar is a railcar that is owned by an individual, group or company and is not used in public daily rail service. Although some freight railroads do maintain a private car fleet that they use to show prospective clients their railroad's capabilities or for special events; generally speaking these cars are not made available for charters or run on public excursions.

Where can I travel on a private railcar?

Most cities served by Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada are a destination for private railcar charters, although this may not always mean that the private railcar will be parked at your final destination. While most charters begin and end at the routes terminals, there may be cases where your origin or destination (the point where you actually get on or off the train) is an intermediate station along the route. Discuss your specific requirements with us to see what is feasible.

How much does it cost to charter a private railcar?

There is no set cost for a charter because all of charters are custom designed for each client. You also need to consider that the cost paid to railroads, such as Amtrak, are subject to change and often do. However, with that said, you may expect a cross-country trip, from coast to coast, utilizing one car to be in the $40-50k range depending on your itinerary and requirements. In contrast, a weekend charter (generally a 3-4 day trip) between say New York and Pittsburgh may average around $15k for one car. You should also note that addiding additional cars affects the price but keep in mind that your overall per guest price is likely to go down. So as you can see, it really does depend on your requirements.

Disclosure: The sample pricing above is to provide first-time charterers with an idea of the costs and contrast in costs associted with chartering a private car. This shall in no way be conisdered an estiamte for your charter.

Can I ride your private railcars on public excursions?

Yes. We do offer public excursions aboard our cars. Please be sure that you have signed up for our mailing list, liked our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.